PB Fest Skate Show
PB Fest Thriller On Skates
PB Fest Thriller On Skates



To All Skaters: We will be trying out a new skating location on Saturday. We will be meeting at NTC Park in Point Loma at noon. Located at the end of Roosevelt Road in the cull-de-sac next to the water. Next to Liberty Station near 2500 Cushing Road.


FREE!!! Live DJ. Beautiful scenery. A great place to hang out and skate. Why don't you come and check it out? It's going to be fabulous fun! Let's roll!!!. learn more...




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EVERY SUNDAY - Roller Skating

Mission Bay
1775 E. Mission Bay Drive
San Diego, CA 92109
Behind Hilton Resort on the boardwalk.

SATURDAY - Roller Skating

NTC Park, Liberty Station
FREE!!! skate dancing
2500 Cushing Road
San Diego, CA 92109
12noon-6pm Live DJ Music.

THE RINKS - Roller Skating

Skateworld 6907 Linda Vista Rd, San Diego, CA . Adults Tue 7:30-10:30 learn more...

Epic Rollertainment 39809 Avenida Acacias, Murrieta, CA. Adults: Wed 8pm-11pm. learn more...